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friedrich wanderer above the mists

Solitude gives birth to the original in us,
to beauty and perilous—to poetry.
                                                 (Tomas Mann)

Restorative Solitude: Reflections on Teaching and Learning

Summary:  This presentation provides a review of the relevant literature on solitude and highlights the insights from noted scholars in this field.  In addition, findings from relevant areas such as technology and media usage, consumption patterns, stress and health issues are also presented.  Conceptual distinctions with “near relatives” or terms often confused with solitude, such as loneliness, social isolation, and alienations—will also be covered.  Recent work will be discussed on introducing contemplative practices in teaching as a means for increasing attention and observation.  Implications for solitude in teaching and learning; student programming, and campus innovations will hopefully provoke audience engagement on this topic.  

Audience:  Faculty/students from diverse disciplines; including sociology, psychology, fine arts, English, social work, and other liberal arts. 

Mara Adelman, Ph.D.