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friedrich wanderer above the mists

Solitude gives birth to the original in us,
to beauty and perilous—to poetry.
                                                 (Tomas Mann)

Restorative Solitude: Consequences for Personal, Social, and Public Well-being

Summary:  This is a visual and highly entertaining presentation that also engages the audience to explore the question of solitude for quality of life.  A central question that is addressed are the challenges facing us in our quest for solitude; including in our fast-paced lifestyle, the increased technological demands, and consumption patterns that drain personal, economic and earthly resources.   Key to reclaiming alonetime is finding the “small steps” that can make a difference in discovering the joy of self-reflection and time for engaging in our joie de vivre.  

Audience:   This talk can be adapted to various public settings; including community and religious groups, parent organizations, corporate and non-profit organizations.  Prior assessment of audience interests enable a customized presentation that will fit the needs of particular groups.  

Mara Adelman, Ph.D.